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Shamanic Tools

Examples of Shamanic Tools are:
  • A ‘Wand’ to direct energy with.
  • A Talking Stick
  • A Fire Carrier
  • A rattle
  • A Meditation Piece

AnneClaire also creates images of Totem Animals or ‘Familiar Spirits’ that not only show the physical image, but put an importance to depicting the energy of the animal.
Bags and Pouches

These bags Made out of Elk leather have been created by AnneClaire by hand. In each of the bags and pouches she creates, she weaves a protective energy.
Apart from the bags shown here, she has a number of pouches in varied sizes in stock.


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The approximate sizes of these bags are:
11.5 x 14 inches, side panel 3 inches, strap 45 inches
'Elk' Leather
'Cycles of Life' Pendants

These pendants represent the cycles of life, the cycles of nature. The stones are chosen in the traditional colors for the directions: White Howlite/White quartz, Yellow Tigers Eye, Red Jasper, Black Onyx. The triangles underneath the stones represent ‘body, mins, and spirit balanced’; in the top pendant directed to the center; in the bottom pendant directed outward.

A 'Cycles of Life' Pendant costs € 235,00 including the leather cord.
Handmade silver Shaman-mirrors

These Shaman-mirrors following a traditional Nepalese design. As a pendant or as a 'coin' in varying sizes.
30 mm across pendant costs € 40,00
30 mm across 'coin' costs € 35,00
35 mm across pendant costs € 50,00

Other sizes are available upon request…
Prayer Coin

“God is, I am, We are One”

Gold inlaid in red copper.
30 mm across

A Prayer Coin costs € 100,00

Visit www.mysticanneclaire.com
AnneClaire Venemans, Zonstraat 118, 3581 MX Utrecht - Skype: anneclairevenemans