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Mystical Jewelry

Everything has an energy. This is true for (gem)stones, for shapes and symbols ~ and even for metals and wood. In the Mystical Jewelry AnneClaire merges the energy of the gemstone you have chosen with the energy of the metal ~ sterling silver or gold. Then special symbols are added such that a subtly layered piece of jewelry is created that has an exceptional, powerful energy that matches you perfectly!

This way every piece of jewelry has its own special energy and its own story. This story is being told through the power of its shapes and forms ~ the added symbols ~ and the essence of the chosen gemstone.

It is a story that really comes to life the moment the piece of jewelry and its owner start interacting... From that moment on the piece of jewelry will start playing a role in the life of the person wearing it ~ who in turn vitalizes and enhances the piece of jewelry.
That makes Mystical Jewelry so special!

Jewelry ~ an adornment that often has a meaning connected to the person who gave it to you or a special occasion (like wedding bands or a birthday present) rather than having a bond to the person wearing it.

Mystical Jewelry ~ a reminder/a helper/a talisman... The manifestation of a hidden aspect or mission of your individual, unique spirit. Through the merger of symbols, shapes, and a specific gemstone Mystical Jewelry is given a distinct power that can help and inspire you.
On top of that, Mystical Jewelry is simply beautiful!

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Visit www.mysticanneclaire.com
AnneClaire Venemans, Zonstraat 118, 3581 MX Utrecht - Skype: anneclairevenemans