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Mystical Jewelry Mandalas

A Mystical Jewelry Mandala is an intricately woven piece of jewelry that represents yourself as well as the house you dwell in. It is a guardian piece that takes the form of a mandala. The Mystical Mandala for your home stands for both an inner and an outer entrance and changes the atmosphere within your space, so it is protected.
For instance, someone who should not be there would find it difficult to go through the entrance. But anyone who is welcome, or whose energy is compatible with the owner, can happily enter!

A Mystical Jewelry Mandala can be of great help when you do a lot of healing or counseling work. The Mystical Jewelry Mandala lets the healing energy move freely, but in the meantime ensures that both the healer as well as the person being healed stay in their own energy. As a result the healing or counseling will be more effective.

Feel free to ask about the possibilities!

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